Jarod Kershek

VDC Manager

Jarod Kershek

What is your favorite project you worked on and why?

I worked on developing the Harvard Enterprise Research Campus in Allston, MA. It was a 14-acre site right next to the Charles River and created 10 city blocks with multiple buildings and open space. It was an amazing opportunity. 

How did you get into construction?

I’ve always been fascinated by creating something out of nothing and seeing your hard work come to life. 

What is one thing on your bucket list and will you accomplish it?

One day I plan on building or restoring a classic car. I plan on starting as soon as I can find the perfect project car and working on it over the next couple of years. 

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I moved from San Diego to Boston for a job opportunity right after I graduated college. I didn’t know a single person or even have a place to live at the time. The cold weather & snow was certainly a new experience for me. 

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