Who We Are

Building Trusting Relationships

Founded in 2002, Commodore Builders is a veteran-owned, New England-based construction management firm on a mission to make the construction process easy and enjoyable for our clients and partners. Our work is about more than excellent results; our team builds trusting relationships that last beyond project turnover. We foster a diverse culture that is driven by learning and continuous improvement. Our expertise spans the life sciences, corporate interior, commercial, institutional, and public markets. Project by project, we’ve earned our reputation for delivering excellence.

Our Mission

Our goal is to set a new standard of excellence for the delivery of construction management services. We believe the quality of the construction process is as important as the quality of the construction. From project conception to pre-construction, execution to close-out and warranty, our role is to anticipate and manage the risks inherent in construction while creating an excellent experience and result.

Our 6 Qualities of Excellence

These six values guide the way we live and work. These are promises we make to our clients, partners, and colleagues. From the smallest fit-out to the most challenging out-of-the-ground construction, these six values set the standard by which we measure our work.

  • The Confidence to Take Charge

    It's an attitude and an action that begins with urgency. We take initiative, manage conflict, and take accountability for our results.

  • The Capacity to Anticipate

    It's about expecting, not guessing. Our team has the intuition and the urgency to find realistic solutions before challenges and risks are encountered.

  • The Spirit to Collaborate

    It's the foundation for effective teamwork. We instill collaboration by fostering respect and trust for each member of the team, communicating openly, and soliciting input from the entire project team.

  • The Ability to Focus on the Details

    We dig in, roll up our sleeves, and immerse ourselves in the details. It is about assuming nothing and asking the right questions.

  • The Creativity to Innovate

    We promote bold and creative thinking. Thinking outside of the box allows us to develop a unique approach for each project that addresses all goals, risks, and challenges.

  • The Knowledge to Problem-Solve

    We take time to understand what is important to our clients and involve them in the solutions. We address issues with empathy and approach the problem-solving process with enthusiasm and confidence.