Paul Daley


Paul Daley

What is your secret talent that no one knows about?
I can do a good Julia Childs impersonation.

Who, living or dead, would you like to eat dinner with the most? And why?
I would like to have dinner with my deceased Uncle Paul, my father’s brother, who passed at a young age. He was teaching me about my families’ history and heritage. I realize other family members could do the same, but he had the gift of telling a good story.

What is your favorite project you worked on and why?
My favorite all-time project was the Terminal B Expansion Project at Logan International Airport. The project was difficult but working in an operational airport always made for a busy complex day that always ended well with the proper planning.

How did you get into construction?
I went to work as a union laborer after dropping out of college the first time. I worked for a gentleman named, Thomas O’Connor Jr. After working for him for about six months he visited the site one day. He approached me about returning to college, with the ultimatum of employment. Little did I know at 18 years young that he was doing me a big favor. I enrolled in the continuing education night program at WIT and worked for O’Connor in many disciplines for 26 years.

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