Jeff Carpine

Senior Superintendent

Jeff Carpine

What is your favorite project you worked on and why?
My most favorite project was one of my first.  I was working at Saints Memorial Medical Center in Lowell.  I had not yet had my 1st child.  My job was the super of a renovation at an active birthing unit.  Talk about stress, my wife was pregnant and I was going to be a first time Dad.  Meanwhile every day at this job site we were renovating an active floor with labor and delivery taking place all around me.  Infection control, protocols, cleanliness, SAFETY was of the utmost importance.  This was a huge challenge as there was no room for error.  I was working with facilities daily and most importantly the nursing staff that worked on the floor.  Often during my day, I would see newborns getting wheeled down the corridor and thought, “holy crap, I’m gonna have one of those little guys soon!”  This job helped me shape my communication skills and learned how to plan ahead for every task.  Toward the end of the project I became close with a lot of the nursing staff, we had worked long days together for a long time without any incident.  One day a nurse came down to my office and told me there was an issue.  I jumped up in a slight panic as I have no idea what could be wrong!  We went down the corridor and ALL the nurses were there and planned a baby shower with presents for me and Jessica. They thanked me for all the efforts and how well the job went.  I will never forget it.

How did you get into construction?
My Dad was a carpenter and worked for Gillette.  He was always doing side work and would bring me along to help.  As I got older I really enjoyed working with my hands so in 10th grade I decided to transfer from the high school to the vocational school.  After graduation, I went to a trade school for carpentry, Southern Maine Technical School.  My Dad knew the carpenter steward at Gillette and got me into the Carpenters Union and I started my career. From there I worked as a Foreman/Assistant Super, got my associated degree at Wentworth, and became a superintendent.

Who or what inspires you?
My wife inspires me the most. She is a smart, fun, (and gorgeous), determined woman.  I am most inspired by her determination and loyalty to family.  Jessica’s sister Hannah has cystic fibrosis.  Years ago due to this disease, Hannah’s liver was failing.  Without hesitation, Jessica signed up as a possible organ donor and was a match.  Jessica went through this surgery and was out in 6 days and back home recovering.  It was so inspiring to see her have the strength and determination to go through such a major surgery to save her sister and it showed me the power 1 person can have to save another person’s life.  This changed my life and point of view on a lot of things.  Family is everything and I am so lucky to such a woman in my life.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Went on a vacation to Costa Rica and stayed at the base of an active volcano, Arenal Volcano.  While having dinner one evening the entire restaurant started shaking.  I asked what was going on, the waiter pointed at the top of the huge glass window.   I looked up to see lava shooting out of the top of the volcano.  Amazing!!  The next day was even better.  Went on a canopy treetop tour.  You start off with a lesson, then climbed a tree that felt like 1000’ tall.  You would zip line over the tops of the trees 100’s of feet across from tree to tree.  It was incredible.

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