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Q1 2023 Market Update

“Contractor backlog remains strong, but confidence is mixed on the future as material prices continue to increase and labor shortages remain an industry challenge.” –Jim Stadler, Vice President, Estimating & Purchasing

Q1 2023 Market Update

Ron Burton Training Village: Volunteer Day

Commodore is passionate about helping to build stronger communities across Massachusetts. One organization making an outsized impact towards this goal is the Ron Burton Training Village (RBTV).

Ron Burton Training Village: Volunteer Day

A Different Kind of Networking

Want to meet people in the construction industry but tired of going to the same type of events? Try out a different sort of meet-up; part exercise, part fun, part…

A Different Kind of Networking

Chasing the Perfect Driving Lap

There’s one perfect lap for every driver, on every course, at every level of racing. It’s an idea that permeates the sport and compels people like Ted Alexander to…

Chasing the Perfect Driving Lap

Women in Construction Week

Events like the Women in Construction Week help us step back from the rapid-fire pace of managing construction to appreciate and congratulate the outstanding work of colleagues and work towards…

Women in Construction Week