Stone Zoo Campus Renovations and New Exhibits

149 Pond Street, Stoneham, MA

Stone Zoo – Campus Renovations and New Exhibits

About This Project

For over a decade, Commodore has partnered with Zoo New England on multiple projects at the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, MA, from exhibit renovations to full campus enhancements and upgrades.

Representative Projects:

  • Campus Renovations
    Phase One of this two-phased renovation involved demolishing the Animal Discover Building (ADC Building) as well as the installation of new foundations and accessible decking for a modular restroom unit. Phase Two consisted of renovations to the Welcome Plaza to features a new ticketing booth/entrance, and renovations to the Elephant House, in order to provide a new learning center for children. Five new modular units were also installed to create the zoo’s new Gift Shop. Zoo New England included installing a new 7,000 SF entry exhibit, which features an Aviary with complete life support systems, shotcrete pools, and jungle-gym/play structures for children
  • Rio Lagartos
    Construction of a new, 7,000 SF entry exhibit, which features a Flamingo Aviary, with complete life support systems and shotcrete pools, a new CMU Flamingo Holding facility, and jungle-gym/play structures for children. The project also involved upgrading the Bush Dog building with full life support systems and constructing a new LSS Building
  • Black Bear Exhibit
    Design/build conversion of a former polar bear exhibit into a new 6,000 SF black bear exhibit for two black bear orphans, including a new outdoor exhibit, complete with pool and waterfalls, and indoor holding area
  • Otter Exhibit
    3,000 SF renovation of the otter exhibit, including a new glass viewing area, implementation of new rock work with rebar and gunite, and plumbing modifications to enhance the filtration system
  • Gibbon Exhibit
    Renovation to existing gibbon exhibit, include installing new fencing

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