Rentschler cGMP Facility

Rentschler – cGMP Facility

About This Project

Two-level building expansion and 7,500 SF retrofit of existing space for Rentschler Biopharma Inc. The building expansion and site modifications will include core manufacturing, a utility mezzanine, a storage mezzanine, a warehouse expansion and office modifications. The completed project will result in a facility capable of simultaneous multiproduct manufacture of mammalian cell culture-based protein therapeutics with foresight for facility conversion to new modality production if market demand changes.

Project Specifications

  • 29,400 SF
  • 10-month schedule
  • The building is planned to support Fed Batch production of up to two products at the 2000 L scale, which includes:
  • Use of modular pre-fabricated clean rooms suites/PODS
  • A cell culture room and support areas for four 2000 L Bioreactors
  • Purification room and equipment for a single downstream processing train
  • Solution Prep and Solution Hold rooms and equipment centrally located to support the new manufacturing building and the existing manufacturing lines
  • Rooms for equipment wash and prep
  • Corridor arrangements supporting unidirectional flow of personnel and materials


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