Wheaton College Pine Hall

26 East Main Street, Norton

Wheaton College – Pine Hall


  • Passive House


  • First Passive House Dormitory in MA

About This Project

Ground up construction of new residence hall with 178-beds for students, providing much-needed living space for the expanding community at Wheaton College. The building was constructed with steel-framing and planks, and includes a laundry room, student lounges, study rooms, a small student kitchen, a laundry room, and a multi-purpose room. A rigorous construction pace was maintained with careful adherence to the schedule and coordination with the school. Sustainability was a key theme in concept, materials, and construction, naming Pine Hall the first Passive House dormitory in MA while providing substantial financial savings to the owners.

Project Specifications

  • 45,000 SF
  • 20-month construction schedule
  • Linear 3½ story double-loaded corridor style building spanning grade changes where a partial lower level resulted in 4 stories for the southern portion
  • The envelope, windows, PVs, and HVAC systems were fine-tuned to PHIUS criteria making Pine Hall one of the lowest cost-per-student and most sustainable living facilities in the Northeast
  • The new residence hall is expected to be 70% more energy-efficient than buildings that meet the standard state code
  • The design incorporates the campus green adjacent to the buildings, providing views and connections to the main campus

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