Commodore Builders Works for You

Our teams elevate the experience of working together on construction projects. True collaboration requires a thoughtful partner who treats you with the same attention to detail that your project requires. We work hard for you. We care deeply for your project, and we don’t rest until you love the end result.

Our Culture

Operating in Today’s World

From the smallest fit-out to the most challenging out-of-the-ground construction project, safety comes first at Commodore. Diversity is celebrated. Technology is used with purpose. Innovation drives our work. And sustainable solutions are always considered.

Putting Safety First

We make safety work for you by pushing it far beyond compliance. Safety is woven into the fabric of our culture. Maintaining clean, contained and secure sites is good business and it’s the right thing to do. Our teams, our workers and partners can rest assured, knowing our workplaces are safe and healthy for everyone.

Making Technology Work

Using technology with purpose drives the way we build. Technology enables us to communicate clearer, work faster, discover more, see further and keep you better informed.

Driving Sustainability

Our future depends on meeting the challenges of today…and tomorrow. Our industry is one of the highest carbon emitting industries in the world. At Commodore, we are taking significant steps to improve our environmental impact, while helping you build healthy, efficient, sustainable, and innovative projects that everyone can be proud of today…and tomorrow.

Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse teams get to better solutions faster. That’s why we create opportunities for equality and ensure our workforce is diverse and inclusive. As a company we are constantly monitoring our practices and remain committed to doing better. Our goal is to steadily increase the quality and number of partnerships with diverse and minority/woman-owned subcontractors and to hire more diverse employees within Commodore.

Our Portfolio

Project by project over the course Commodore’s twenty-one year history, we’ve earned our reputation for delivering excellence in both execution and experience. See what happens when the experience of complex construction management is elevated.

Commodore News

Q1 2023 Market Update

“Contractor backlog remains strong, but confidence is mixed on the future as material prices continue to increase and labor shortages remain an industry challenge.” –Jim Stadler, Vice President, Estimating & Purchasing

Q1 2023 Market Update

Ron Burton Training Village: Volunteer Day

Commodore is passionate about helping to build stronger communities across Massachusetts. One organization making an outsized impact towards this goal is the Ron Burton Training Village (RBTV).

Ron Burton Training Village: Volunteer Day