Experts in construction management

From the smallest fit-out to the most challenging out-of-the-ground new construction project, we deliver innovative, sustainable projects of which everyone can be proud today and tomorrow. How? Our expertises in preconstruction, technology, and safety allow us to eliminate surprises while delivering excellent results.

Commodore’s Approach to Preconstruction

Commodore’s preconstruction process is collaborative and transparent. Our process leverages the knowledge and experience of our team to provide you with a certainty of outcome and a trust in our partnership. We achieve this through meticulous planning at every stage of your project.

We define and anticipate your project goals by involving all key stakeholders as early as possible. This allows us to eliminate surprises during the construction process by identifying potential issues before site mobilization. We begin by aligning the whole team around three primary project goals: budget, schedule, and risk mitigation.

  • Budget: Our team of estimators is supported by systems-based experts and trusted trade partners who minimize unexpected costs and support budget deliverables. They understand the risks and opportunities associated with scope, market conditions, escalation, design development, and potential unforeseen conditions. We won’t tell you our estimate. We’ll show you our estimate and explain how we developed the true costs associated with design decisions, because we want you to make informed decisions.
  • Scheduling: Our Planning & Preconstruction team is supported by dedicated project planners and our in-house scheduling department. We maintain a laser focus on schedule to manage critical project goals and deliverables. We identify potential risks and impacts to the schedule and develop mitigation strategies to keep your project on schedule.
  • Risk Mitigation: During preconstruction, we consider factors including unforeseen conditions, potential program adjustments, market escalation, and general inflation. We develop the necessary strategies to keep your project on time and on budget. We include all stakeholders in a thorough document review to identify potential issues and problems. We do this well before site mobilization, which enables our team to develop the best, most cost-effective solutions without disrupting the schedule.

We customize our preconstruction planning process to meet all your requirements and program needs. It is a continuous, collaborative partnership from project award to the start of construction, with clearly defined milestones throughout the construction process.