Healthcare Alliance Linear Accelerator

275 Nichols Road, Burbank Campus, Fitchburg

Healthcare Alliance – Linear Accelerator

About This Project

The “concrete cault” addition to the Simonds-Sinon Regional Cancer Center was constructed to house a state-of-the-art linear accelerator (LINAC). Eight-foot concrete walls and a 5-foot thick concrete ceiling contain the radiation during patient treatments. Outside the construction area, day to day activities were carefully coordinated with hospital staff to avoid interruptions to patient access and care taking place in the adjacent linear accelerator. The new mechanical utilities were tied into the Cancer Center facility without disturbing patient care. Because the first concrete pour required 130 concrete trucks on-site, the team maintained heightened communications, awareness, and control of traffic patterns ensuring that patients, visitors, and staff remained safe and could easily access the parking lots and buildings.

Project Specifications

  • 2,893 SF
  • 5-month schedule
  • One of only a few of its kind in New England, the linear accelerator represents a significant expansion for the Cancer Care program
  • Existing LINAC #1 control room was seamlessly relocated to an expanded control room and was fully operational for patients and staff in just two days
  • Coordinated both outdoor and indoor activities with the hospital’s infection control team to minimize health risks to immune suppressed patients
  • Site logistic plans were created and reviewed with hospital staff to mitigate the impact of vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the construction site
  • Significant regulatory processes involved

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