Mark G. Nelson

Senior Estimator

Mark G. Nelson

Who, living or dead, would you like to eat dinner with the most? And why?
The Last Dance docuseries has me really considering Michael Jordan as an answer here because he is just an icon for people my age, but I am going to go with Anthony Bourdain.  I mean, if we are talking about having dinner; at least you know the place he takes you to will be amazing.  I would just ask questions about the places he’s been and the foods he has encountered and listen to him pontificate about it all.  I could travel with him to parts unknown through his stories…but in person!

How did you get into construction?
My dad is a plumber.  I have always been around a work truck, tools, etc.  In my teens, I started with building decks, painting houses, refinishing floors, and bathrooms but what I really wanted was to be an architect.  Once I was in the architecture program at Wentworth, I quickly realized it wasn’t for me, but Construction Management was.  I would say it has worked out so far!

Who or what inspires you?
I find inspiration in a lot of things.  People inspire me, different people, for different reasons; like my wife PK, she is intensely focused on her work and the people she cares about.  I tend to get into the details too much and lose focus, so watching her is inspiring to me. I get inspired by music or art.  These things can transport you to a different place mentally and sometimes hitting on the right song or seeing the right piece of art will kickstart a new way of thinking for me. I get inspired by information, like finding out how someone went about accomplishing something or how things are put together, or how something came into existence. Basically; I seem to find inspiration through something/someone on a regular basis!

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
I feel like I have done a lot of crazy things, or more so dumb, but the craziest thing that I’ve done that comes to mind is seeing how fast I could go on my motorcycle before I felt like I needed to slow down…the answer is 127mph.  Coincidentally, thinking about doing that was one of the reasons I got rid of my motorcycle when I had kids!

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