Construction can be a dangerous business. That’s why we make safety our number one priority. Injuries can be prevented, as long as we remain hyper-vigilant.

Our Superintendents are required to maintain the 30-hour OSHA certificate and to complete Commodore’s own comprehensive internal training program.

We plan carefully. We practice safe behavior in every pursuit and we expect safe behavior from everyone, on every project site. We conduct inspections and identify hazards before work begins, so we’re sure everyone goes home safe, every day.

We work only if it is safe. If one of our people sees something that’s not right, they have the responsibility and the authority to fix it on the spot.

The AGC has recognized Commodore for outstanding safety performance.

And the proof of our commitment to safety can be seen in the numbers:

Commodore’s EMR Rates:

Incident rate: (0) No Loss Time