Collaborating on and off the court with Halle Carter

Collaborating on and off the court with Halle Carter

From competitive ice skating and college volleyball to majoring in physics, Halle Carter is no stranger to teamwork. Now, Halle’s applying her team-building skills to her new role as a Field Engineer in Commodore’s C.OR.E. program.

Why construction?

I was a physics major at Holy Cross, and absolutely loved it. It’s the type of major where you have to collaborate with your classmates to succeed. We learned the theories in class, but the application of those theories was a team effort, and I really enjoyed that. I met with other alumni from the physics major to see how they were applying their degrees, and I ended up connecting with a former project manager from Commodore.

I was intrigued by how each day in construction management is so different and how construction presents a steady stream of challenges and problems to be solved. And the stakes are high, making collaboration essential. I came to Commodore because I was excited about the culture, the people, and the work that we do; I stayed because it all held true.

You were a summer intern at Commodore before you joined full-time. What made you want to apply for the C.O.R.E. program?

Internships are a great way to trial a company, and my experience really paid off. As an intern, I worked with Commodore’s Corporate Interiors team on several projects, including Brown Advisory, 200 Berkeley Lobby, and the John Hancock sign installation. I came from a non-construction background, so every day I was learning from scratch and the team was so supportive. The team trusted they could challenge me, which gave me the confidence to take on more and more responsibility.

It was rewarding to see the progress of our work. I was able to be on site multiple times a week, and I was always surprised to see how much changes in a few short days. On one of our projects, we installed an interconnecting stair, and I was able to see the progress from cutting the hole in the floors to being able to walk down the fully installed stairs.

After my internship, the C.O.R.E. program was an exciting next step. Now, I’m looking forward to going even deeper into the different pathways within construction through the five rotations.

How do you overcome challenges?

I’ve always been a big team player. I played volleyball growing up and at Holy Cross which was so formative for me. When you’re part of a team, working together is the only way to accomplish our common goal. Whether that’s passing the ball or communicating about project details, teamwork is so essential. We’re able to bounce ideas off each other and come up with solutions. I’m learning every day, and I’m grateful to be part of such a supportive team. Their confidence in me builds confidence in myself.

What do you do in your spare time?

I just moved to South Boston in January, and I’ve been exploring the city and my neighborhood. I grew up in Lake Mary, FL, just north of Orlando, so I’m happy to be close to the beach for the summer. Any other free time I have is filled with volleyball, friends, cooking and baking new recipes, and finding new hobbies.