2021 Outstanding Subcontractors

2021 Outstanding Subcontractors

We’re in a challenging business that has only become more complicated and constrained in the last year. With long days and tight deadlines, it can be difficult to find some time to step back and acknowledge the outstanding work of all our subcontractors.

But let’s take a moment now, on behalf of everyone at Commodore Builders, to recognize the hard work of our subs this past year. They put in the hours and create strong partnerships between themselves and us that help us all work better together.

They work with us to promote safety on our jobsites, so everyone gets home in the same condition they arrived.

Job after job, we build stronger working relationships with these companies. With each successive collaboration, we get better at coordinating and helping one another out. As a result, we push each other to meet deadlines and deliver for our clients.

These sub-contractors’ skills, talents, and professionalism continue to impress us, and we want to give them a high five and thank them for all of their exceptional work.