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At Commodore, we look for Superintendents who are skilled communicators, experienced, and accountable. Their leadership on-site consistently delivers complex projects on time, on budget, safely, and with Raving Fans. They’re driven by perfection and they have the technical and interpersonal skills to achieve it.

Superintendents report to the Project Executive in Charge. The majority of their time is spent in the field, supported by a project management team based in the office. Superintendents are responsible for developing, understanding, and maintaining the project schedule. They work closely with the PM during project set-up. They maintain a firm grasp on the project strategy and they understand the concept of cost control, versus getting things done at any cost. A 4-year college degree is preferred, with 5-7 years of relevant experience in Commodore’s markets.

Superintendents are immersed in the details and day-to-day flow of the project. Computer skills are essential to manage the schedules, logs, change orders, purchase orders, and constant communications with the team. Our best superintendents have a Take-Charge personality. They’re organized. They prioritize and they problem-solve under fire.

Superintendents advise the team on subcontractor selection. They respect and manage subcontractors for maximum performance. They coordinate and manage subcontractor activities. They provide coaching, motivation, and supervision of all staff on-site.

Superintendents are the frontline for our clients. They speak their language. They simplify and clarify issues before they become problems. Successful superintendents run towards risk and manage conflict. They hold total accountability on-site and project a spirit of collaboration and control.

Superintendents are responsible for developing strong relationships with permitting authorities and city officials. They keep architects informed. They understand team dynamics. They close out jobs swiftly and to the client’s satisfaction. They collaborate with the entire team and make the construction process easy for everyone involved.

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