At Commodore, our Estimators play a critical role in helping clients meet their objectives and build their success. They have a comprehensive understanding of projects and hold the responsibility for constructing solid, detailed estimates, building the project on paper, before it is in the implementation stage. They are key strategic communicators, informing the team of costs, options and alternatives, positioning choices for decisions to meet tough financial constraints.

There are many qualities that make an Estimator successful. The most important ones are the confidence to take charge, the spirit to collaborate, and the ability to focus on the details of a project. The best Estimators have a propensity for understanding an architect’s and client’s vision, even before that vision is captured in the drawings. They have the ability to identify risks and identify gaps ensuring that costs are accurately reflected.

Our best Estimators are highly organized. They understand the fundamentals of construction and the critical role of preconstruction in reaching a target budget. Our Estimators are responsible for schematic and conceptual estimating; subcontractor solicitations; scoping out subcontractor proposals; competitive bidding; presentations of budgets to architects, engineers, and clients; and maintaining subcontractor relations.

5-10 years of relevant experience is required to apply for this position. Successful candidates will also have a driving sense of urgency and client-service mentality to bring value to our clients. Our Estimators receive mentoring, formal training and support, and they travel a clearly- defined career path for progression within the Commodore organization.

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