Tufts University Community Housing (CoHo)

419 Boston Avenue, Meford

Tufts University – Community Housing (CoHo)


  • LEED Platinum

About This Project

Renovation of 13 wood-framed houses, constructed one new 5,000 SF house and added to 2 existing houses for Tuft University’s Community Housing (CoHo) project. The houses provide a total of 141 beds for junior and senior students and the new large house features RA apartments, community rooms, laundry rooms, and dormitories. The project scope included blower door tests, thermal imaging, upgrades to heating systems, foam insulation, MEP systems, and extensive fire protection measures. The new building is sustainable, all-electric, and nearly net-zero through careful sourcing, design, and construction processes. All rooms contain Dent energy usage meters to track consumption, solar panels were installed on the exterior shell, and the basement features a breathable membrane system to accommodate the 11 inch-thick air-tight walls.

Project Specifications

  • 45,000 SF
  • 23-month construction schedule
  • Working within a residential area required consistent communication and coordination with residents and the owner
  • Necessitated infrastructure work in the streets including new water lines to each house and a slip line in the sewer system
  • Project completed in 3 coordinated phases
  • Scope included the construction of a large quad with benches, trees, pathways, and light posts

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