Mara Eisenhardt

Construction Technology Specialist

Mara Eisenhardt

Who, living or dead, would you like to eat dinner with the most? And why?

My Opa (grandfather), he was one of the most encouraging, hardworking, and loving people I know. I would love to be able to cook Maultaschen with him again and tell him all I have accomplished over the last few years.

Who or what inspires you?

My Oma (grandmother), she is one of the most amazing people I know. Since I have moved to America, we have become even closer, and her support is unlimited. Even in her 70s, she continues to do what she loves every day and works harder than anyone I know to make herself happy and healthy. She also puts great effort in to reassure the people around her how much they are worth.

What is one thing on your bucket list and will you accomplish it?

Going underwater in a shark tank. Not sure if I will be able to accomplish it, but maybe it will help me get over my unreasonable phobia of sharks!

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Moving to America at age 13 without much knowledge of the English language and becoming fluent withing 6 months. I just smiled and waved for months because I did not understand what was going on.

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