David Fink

Project Manager

David Fink

What is your favorite project you worked on and why?

My all-time favorite project that I worked on is the Zakim Center Fitout at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The Zakim Center enhances the quality of life for cancer patients by incorporating complimentary therapies into traditional cancer care.

This project was very touching as I felt like I was serving a greater purpose in life than just being a builder. I was helping cancer patients and their families find peace and balance with this new space. There is nothing more humbling than working at an institution that treats various cancers.


How did you get into construction?

I’ve always been fascinated with building construction. My fondest moments as a child were spent building tree forts in the woods with my friends. I was about 4 years old when I learned how to lay brick. Throughout grade school I took every CAD/ design and wood shop class that I could find. My passion for this industry runs deep.


Who or what inspires you?

My family is my inspiration. It’s that simple, I live for my family.


What is one thing on your bucket list, and will you accomplish it?

I would love to take my family on a Hawaiian vacation. It’s a bit dreamy as my wife hates flying but I’m working on that with her.

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