Our Mission

To set a new standard of excellence for the delivery of construction management services to our clients.

We believe the quality of the construction process is as important as the quality of the construction. From project conception to pre-construction, execution, close-out and warranty service, our role is to anticipate and manage the risks inherent in construction.

Commodore takes charge, so the process for our clients is easy and the outcome is excellence in execution.

The 6 Qualities of Excellence

The Confidence to Take Charge. It’s an attitude and an action that begins with urgency. It requires you to take initiative, to manage conflict and to be accountable for your results. Taking charge forces you to be prepared, positive and focused on taking the actions that make things happen. Be the one to raise the flag. Jump in with solutions. Be the first to identify potential roadblocks and to blaze a better trail.

The Capacity to Anticipate. It’s about expecting – not guessing. It’s being aware of what’s around the corner before you get there. It’s about seeing beyond the horizon of today in expectation of what might occur tomorrow. The capacity to anticipate requires the intuition and the urgency to find answers before questions are asked. It’s what CBRM is all about. Make the future for your clients. Don’t wait for it to happen.

The Ability to Focus on the Details. Dig in and roll up your sleeves. Immerse yourself in the details. Study the shop drawings. Scour the contracts. Eliminate the punch list. The ability to focus on the details is about assuming nothing and asking everything. When you focus on the details, you lay the foundation for success. You’re able to anticipate problems, avoid surprises, save money, manage expectations and ultimately, make the process easy and the outcome excellent for your clients.

The Spirit to Collaborate. It’s the foundation for effective teamwork. Collaboration starts with respect and trust for each member of the team. It requires a willingness to communicate openly and to accept input from everyone involved in a project. Collaboration is an art and a science. It requires every team member to engage, to take responsibility and initiative. Collaboration delivers on our mission to make the construction process easy. It keeps our clients safe, informed and involved.

The Creativity to Innovate. It takes a bold, creative spirit to challenge tradition and to find a faster route to what our clients value most. The business environment is changing rapidly…we have new clients, new competitors, new technologies, and new economies. We can’t afford to get comfortable. We need to reinvent ourselves for each new project. Our challenge is to find fresh ways to deliver practical, radically superior value…the kind of value that delivers on our mission and distinguishes Commodore in the marketplace.

The Knowledge to Problem-Solve. Your clients are not construction experts. They’re the teachers who teach in the classrooms you build. They’re the researchers who find cures in the labs you construct. Solve their problems with empathy. Eliminate their anxiety. Involve them in decisions so they can appreciate the results. Be cooperative. Put yourself in their shoes. Take the time to understand what’s important to them. Approach the problem-solving process with enthusiasm and confidence, because if there weren’t problems to solve, there wouldn’t be a need for Commodore.