We live and work sustainably at Commodore. We minimize our carbon footprint at the office and on our jobsites. We carefully manage construction waste and maintain high levels of indoor air quality during construction and before clients move in.

When we’re developing innovative solutions for our clients or working through challenges, we’re always thinking about the triple bottom line – people, planet and profit.

And when clients want to go beyond sustainable, we work with them on restorative and regenerative approaches to responsible building.

Commodore includes green practices in every project, from the onset of conceptual design, to project completion and owner training. And the results are inspiring! Sustainability is responsible, practical, possible and it doesn’t have to cost more. Our teams can explain the options and the impact on the bottom line.

We’re trained and able to incorporate programs including LEED, Passive House, Energy Star and Green Globes into project planning and construction. Whether it’s best practices or formal recognition, our teams will help clients reach the full potential of healthy, sustainable building!