Preconstruction & CBRM

Commodore’s Approach to Preconstruction

We begin the preconstruction process by looking at the big picture and understanding the goals of our client. Then we zoom in on the details.

We determine the answer to every question up-front and use those answers to create a Project Definition Report (PDR).

The PDR identifies every project risk and every action we will take to complete the project on time and on budget. The PDR is developed early in the preconstruction process, ensuring that all team members are aligned on the project scope, schedule and budget before our client begins spending money in the field.

This is a simple innovation, but one our clients value most. It provides an accurate picture of cost and schedule. It allows us to control the outcome, expedite the construction process and eliminate change orders, because the tough work of identifying risk is done up front, before the building begins.

That’s how we make the construction process easy for our clients!

CBRM – Commodore Builders Risk Management

The last thing a client needs is a construction manager who’s more interested in mitigating their own risk than in helping clients cope with theirs. Construction is full of risk. There are schedule risks, budget risks…what’s in the ground and above the ceiling risks.

CBRM is a unique attitude and an action that drives the way we manage risk. It’s an integral part of our business. We confront risk head-on. We eliminate potential issues, one at a time, by identifying them up-front and then driving the proper course of action to get the job done. We know our clients value Commodore most when we manage their risk and keep them safe.