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LogMeIn’s expansion into 333 Summer Street includes an ocean view from the top floors, as well as a monumental stair that is broken up into two parts; one part connects floors 1-5 (5 floors) and the second part connects from the first floor through the mezzanine and down to the lower level (3 floors).

The new 117,512 SF space includes a boardroom with a 40′ table made of reclaimed wood as well as the decorative use of original fire doors and wood throughout the building. Additional spaces include a large assembly area, state-of-the-art workspaces, offices, conference rooms, themed break-out spaces, a coffee bar and a gym with a basketball court.

Commodore initially completed the adaptive re-purposing and restoration of 333 Summer Street, an 8-story, 1911 Fort Point Channel Historic District building, in Boston’s Innovation District, before completing the fit-out of LogMeIn’s new space.

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