Sector: Historic Restoration

The Old State House

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This project was executed by A.J. Martini, Inc. prior to being acquired by Commodore in 2012.

The historic preservation and restoration of both the Old State House and Faneuil Hall in Boston, MA were simultaneously completed for the National Park Service.

Originally constructed in 1713, the Old State House is considered Boston’s oldest surviving public building. The team carefully reworked the interior and exterior of the Old State House in its entirety, while a “T” station, serving 10,000 commuters, remained fully operational in the building’s basement.

Due to space constraints, the Old State House’s new MEP equipment was located on the 9th floor of an adjacent 10-story building. The equipment was piped down the neighboring structure, under the sidewalk and fed into the Old State House.

In 1793, the Commonwealth granted to the city the old State House in return for a new State House. As an original town meeting location and marketplace of ideas, the National Park Service and the architectural and construction team undertook the careful and respectful preservation that the building deserved, reworking the exterior brick walls, slate roof, tower and historic icons.

Listed in the National Registry of Historical Buildings.