Sector: Historic Restoration

Faneuil Hall

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This project was executed by A.J. Martini, Inc. prior to being acquired by Commodore in 2012.

The successful historic preservation and restoration of Faneuil Hall and the Old State House was completed for the National Park Service. The structures are two of the nation’s most historically significant buildings.

The team worked with the Park Service’s consultants and our own subcontractors to meticulously preserve the building’s interior and exterior historic details and craftsmanship while providing updated state-of-the-art building technologies and systems to accommodate today’s accessibility and building code requirements. The work included exterior masonry restorations, roof restoration and historic window preservation.

In addition, a computerized humidification system was installed to protect the collections of art and artifacts from urban air pollution, humidity and temperature extremes while providing patrons greater comfort.

Listed in the National Registry of Historical Buildings.