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1265 Main Street

1265 Main Street Rendering
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Completion of the 1265 Main Street project will revive the former Polaroid Campus site with retail, restaurant and commercial tenants. Located in Waltham along Route 95/128, the site frontage stretches for almost a mile.

The first phase of development consists of 280,000 SF of retail projects on the massive 144-acre site. As part of the first phase, 130,000 SF of retail includes a Market Basket Flagship Store, Marshalls and two additional spaces at 5,000 SF each. The first phase also includes the renovation of the former Polaroid Building.

The buildings consist of a steel shell with a masonry, glass and metal panel façade. Highlights of the design include detailed canopies and porticos that will require precision manufacturing for the metal and glass panels. In addition, the masonry is also a stack bond which makes the masonry more complicated.

A number of tenants including well-known brands and potential commercial tenants have already moved in and several more are in discussions with the developer.

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