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Bluefin Robotics

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Commodore Builders completed the 54,000 SF build-out for Bluefin Robotics’ new headquarters in the Quincy Shipyard. An existing building was completely gutted to make way for three floors of new space consisting of several production bays and subassembly areas, test tanks, lab, stockroom and storage rooms, shipping and receiving areas, along with offices, conference rooms and an employee cafeteria. Commodore worked closely with the project design team to adapt one of the shipyard’s historic buildings to meet the needs of Bluefin, a firm on the cutting edge of scientific research and technology.

Bluefin Robotics is a leader in Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) development and production. The company’s move to the shipyard played an important role in the City of Quincy’s revitalization of the surrounding area.