Sector: Hospitality

The Four Seasons Hotel

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Guest Bathrooms
Commodore completed the phased renovation of 255 Guest Bathrooms that spanned over six (6) floors of this occupied five-star hotel. This work was preceded by 4 years of preconstruction and design refinements. The scope of work included demolition, coring, framing, new plumbing – including isolation valves for each pair of rooms, fixtures, lighting, marble wall tiles and granite floor tiles from Italy via China, and vanities from overseas. Specific project challenges included noise control, debris removal, protection of existing finishes, security, tracking of employees, material deliveries and storage.

State Suite Renovation
Following the guest bathrooms, Commodore was brought on board to complete renovations to 6 spacious state suites, each with sweeping views of the Boston Common and the gold-domed State House. Each suite totaled 1,100 SF and were located on six separate floors. The work in each suite included moving walls, new wall coverings and carpets. Within the six suites, renovations to the new Master Bathrooms and separate Powder Rooms included new plumbing, fixtures, lighting, marble wall tiles and granite floor tiles. The work was performed in a tight space and on an even tighter timeframe. Adjacent rooms on each floor were occupied during construction, requiring close coordination with the Hotel and tight control of tasks and workers.

Garden Wing Renovation
This phase of construction included the total renovation of the Ballroom, Foyer, and three Conference Rooms within the occupied hotel. The work was closely coordinated with hotel staff and scheduled between hotel events. The renovations included new crown moldings, the re-upholstering of wall fabrics and Air Wall doors, millwork, stone countertops, carpeting, re-painting of walls and ceilings, fire protection and lighting.