Sector: Hospitality

Freeport Village Station

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This project was executed by A.J. Martini, Inc. prior to being acquired by Commodore in 2012.

The project consisted of the construction of a new mixed-use retail development in Freeport, ME. The team worked closely with the developer, Berenson Associates, Inc. of Boston, MA and the architectural firm, Arrowstreet of Somerville, MA throughout this challenging project.

The 330,000 SF multi-level complex, at the corner of Main and Mill Streets in downtown Freeport, includes more than 30 retail stores laid out around a brick plaza. The plaza contains kiosks, lighting and accessibility features. The complex includes restaurants, a 550-car parking garage and other public amenities.

The 3.6-acre site was prepared for construction, including the demolition of a former L.L. Bean factory store with site work and construction immediately following.